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Charles Uche

Charles Uche

Last updated on 03-May-2011 03:16:19 AM

Hi coach please how do i know original butterfly blade.and can you recommend it.thanks
Alois Rosario

and Alois Rosario said...

Hi Charles,

They will be branded on the handle so that you will be able to tell.

Butterfly is a very reputable brand.  Like all brands though they have a range of equipment available.  The cheaper bats will be of lesser quality.  Once you get to the blades then the price usually goes up according to speed. 

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Jason Smith

Jason Smith commented...

on the 03-May-2011 03:16:19 AM
Charles, I guess you wanted to know how to tell a fake Butterfly blade from an original, because they are expensive counterfeit Butterfly blades are all over the place at the moment. They look similar but never identical, the best and easiest way to be sure is only buy them from the Butterfly distributor in your country

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