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afzainizam dugoh

afzainizam dugoh

Last updated on 22-Dec-2010 07:18:27 AM

Dear Alois  & Jeff!

I have a problem during practice and during a match.when during a practice,all of my strokes and techniques are mostly correct and wright but during a match or playing for point all of my strokes and technique goes way off and mostly wrong.I seems can't implement all that i've practice into any match.!!(This what the majority of the more senior and experience players in my club commented to me)

Please I need your help on this.Thanks guys!

Alois Rosario

and Alois Rosario said...

Hi Afzainizam,

This is a common problem. Firstly, think about your attitude during a match.  If you are focused totally on winning your strokes and techniques will not be a priority.

During some of your matches especially against lower level players or even really high level players where the result is not in doubt, try to focus on your technique during the match.  Make sure you are playing your strokes correctly.  You can slowly try to implement this more and more in games. 

The underlying issue though is that you are getting to tight during a match. Think about implementing some relaxation tecHniques during a game so that you can allow yourself to play your strokes correctly.  If you can do this you will allow yourself to play properly all the time.

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Jesus Calle

Jesus Calle, a premium member said...

on the 22-Dec-2010 07:18:27 AM
I would also try drills/game-plays resembling match situations.

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