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Last updated on 22-Feb-2012 05:53:46 AM

hi ,

i would like to know in details the difference between open and close bat especially while using flick.

it is the key to playing flick i believe especially while countering backspin, it would be great if you can shine some light on this.

i read somewhere that Alois had a coach who explained him the difference and it stayed with him till date.

a video on this would be great.



Alois Rosario

and Alois Rosario said...

Hi Manish,

Yes the first coaching session I ever went to this was explained to me.

An open bat is when the face of the bat is facing towards the roof. A closed bat is when it is facing to the floor.

When flicking, the more backspin that is on the ball the more open you have your bat to counteract the backspin. This is only small degrees when changing between the amount of backspin on the ball. It requires a great deal of practice to get the angle just right. 

You will have to vote for this one to be a video since you are a Premium member. 

Here's a video to answer the question...

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M V commented...

on the 22-Feb-2012 01:02:58 AM
hi alois, thanks for the video. explains very clearly what i could not figure out i.e. it is diffcult to hit these balls hard. needed to know how do you respond to a slow spinning topspin that is about to bounce twice on your table, a lot of times while making a flick the ball flies over the table.
Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills said...

on the 22-Feb-2012 05:53:46 AM

Hi Manish,

You can come over the ball a little more.  So again using the angle of the bat to compensate for the spin on the ball.

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