Equipment Giveaway

By Jeff Plumb on the 20-Mar-2017 (5 comments)

We're excited to be partnering with for an equipment giveaway. Here’s how to participate:

Here are the campaign rules and details

1. The campaign dates:

The competition opens on Monday the 20th of March at 11:00am GMT and closes on Monday the 27th of March at 11:00am GMT.

2. The Prizes:

3x Main Prize: 2 rubbers and 1 blade of choice from TT11. Includes free DHL shipping and racket assembly service. IMPORTANT: The maximum price of the blade is 300 EUR.

10x Secondary Prize: 10 EUR discount coupons for IMPORTANT: The coupon rules are the following: Minimum order value is 80 EUR, they are single use only, no expiry date. The coupon can be entered at checkout.

If the participant also signs up to's newsletter, they'll get 2 additional rubbers if they win. This means the main prize can actually be 1 blade and 4 rubbers.

3. The draw process

The winners draw will be carried out by PingSkills. All valid entries will be put into a spreadsheet and given a number. A random number will then be generated online for each of the winners. We will contact the winners and put you in touch with to receive your prizes.

4. Campaign terms and conditions

You can read the detailed campaign terms and conditions.

Good luck!

Show #281 - Don't Move During a Rally

By Jeff Plumb on the 08-Mar-2017 (3 comments)

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In today's show we'll talk about whether you should change your bat depending on your opponent, discuss how many faults are acceptable during a match, playing against a sibling, space needed for a table, and how to prepare for a tournament. We'll also have the tip of the week and drill of the week, tournament wrap and everyone's favourite segment, on this day.

On This Day - 1:05

International Women's Day

Jian Fang Lay, Kalinikos Kreanga, Timo Boll, and Steve Dainton's Birthdays

Tip of the Week - 8:30

Andrew Clark - Fitness Coach Sydney FC

"The best thing we can do is listen, listen to what they feel helps them best and then as the relationship grows we begin to see ways we can improve a player. For a player like Filip [Holosko], in some areas we may need to back-off a bit and then increase other training he does. Then it's just a case of making small adjustments," 

Drill of the Week - 11:30

Play a game where you aren’t allowed to move your feet during a rally.  See what lessons you can learn...

Tournament Wrap - 13:16

ITTF World Tour

Changing Racket Depending on Opponent - 18:18

Phil:  Does anyone change their bat depending on the opponent, or is it a bad idea because you have to learn different styles of play?

Are Faults Acceptable - 20:56

Steve:  In tennis, a small number of double faults is acceptable and a player who rarely double faults is probably not being aggressive enough with power or placement.  I am wondering if there is any parallel thinking in table tennis?  If so, should I push my serve to the point where I miss occasionally, or should the server be more conservative since to miss is loss a point?

Playing a Sibling - 23:01

Michael: This coming weekend is the NYC individuals championships, and I'm coming in as the no.7 seed, and my brother is coming in at the no.4 seed.  This means that we are slated to play each other in the quarterfinals, but I can't find it in myself to play him, since either way, it hurts one of us, are there any methods to getting over this mindset.

Space for a Table - 26:28

Daniele: In the place where I work, we are talking about freeing a room for use in our spare time, and we are discussing the possibility of installing a table tennis table. how much room is really needed

1) What do the official rules say? How much space is needed to play an official tournament match?

2) Forgetting about the official rules, how much space do you think it is needed for two good players to play a serious match?

3) If I am willing to sacrifice the lobbing game, but I still wish to play decently at a short and mid-distance from the table, how much space do I need?

Preparing for a Tournament - 29:45

Dima: Tomorrow I have a tournament and I wonder what and how table tennis players do to keep their good work. When should you come and what to eat for breakfast. How should I warm up? These questions and what to prepare for.

Links in this Episode

ITTF World Tour

Desmond Douglas


My Goal is to Just Keep Improving

By Jeff Plumb on the 24-Feb-2017 (3 comments)

We love hearing your success stories from using PingSkills, and thought we'd share one of them with you. Mark became a premium member in November 2016 and had an initial goal of improving and being able to beat his regular training partner. He has put in a lot of hard work and is now seeing some excellent results which have encouraged him to keep improving in all areas of the game. Below is an email we received from Mark.

Mark's Goal is to keep improving his table tennis

Hi Alois,

I hope your well.

It's been a few weeks since I last spoke to you and as requested here is my TT progression so far. 

FH topspin - now transferring this shot from my robot practice to actual games. It's really been a game changer. I noticed that somebody posted that they  were  having issues similar to mine and you stated that 'fear of losing the point was your biggest enemy'. That was absolutely spot on and was my major issue also. 

The key I think to my improvement was the footwork drills in the 52 week training module. As I'm a leftie like yourself I  was receiving many balls to my BH. Now when I receive a ball to the crossover area I try to step across and play my FH. This I would never have done previously before my footwork improved.  

Serve - I've spent a considerable amount of time practicing my serve and unlike some I actually enjoy it !. My serve has improved considerably especially now I'm including both topspin and backspin on my pendulum serve. The topspin option (with some sidespin to disguise it even better) has proven to really confuse my regular playing partner.

My overall game has also improved and I'm now able to play a much better selection of different type of shots. 

I mentioned last time we spoke my short term aim was to improve and be able to beat my regular playing partner . This has already happened. You mentioned that I should join a club and although I haven't yet done this I have been in contact with a local club and I'm looking to go join when my shifts next allow. My goal now is  to just keep improving. 

Without the PingSkills online resource my improvement would have taken much longer. Keep up the good work !



Keep up the good work Mark. It's great to hear that your hard work is paying off.

Show #280 - Don't Give Up Too Early

By Jeff Plumb on the 22-Feb-2017 (6 comments)

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In today's show we'll talk about practicing without a partner, learning how to topspin, changing fortunes in matches, and the incredible Tomokazu Harimoto. We'll also have the tip of the week and drill of the week.

On This Day - 1:39

Cedrik Cabestany's Birthday - 18 February

Tip of the Week - 3:48

Don't give up too early

Drill of the Week - 8:15

Varying placement with forehand topspin

Tournament Wrap - 12:18

The Indian Open and Tomokazu Harimoto

Practicing Strokes Without a Partner - 18:12

Subhan: Coach, what is the best way to perfect basic strokes as nowadays I'm often without a partner so any way i could practice basic strokes alone?

Difficulty Doing Topspin - 21:34

Baseer: I am a beginner player in table tennis using Butterfly Wakaba 3000, when i play with one my friend having a style of chopper, I can't return his chop by doing topspin stroke. Every time i do topspin the ball hit directly on the net. I can't understand what is the problem, even how hard i try I can't do that. Please give some suggestion.

Topspin Strength - 24:32

Lukas: Every coach says to me that i do not need to play every topspin that strong because that means a lot of easy mistakes. I always try to avoid these easy balls but i think the quality in my slower loops is not that good even when i try to play the ball long and with spin. I got many counter attacks when i have good opponents. What can i do?

Changing Fortunes in Matches - 28:14

Frank: My friends and I play fairly casually and our sessions consist mostly of best of 3 games.

One of us has a strange habit where he plays well while we warm up, stumbles in the first game but is completely in the zone in the second. But by the time the third game comes around, he's shaky again.

Links in this Episode

Recognise Your Feelings


Is It Too Late? - We interview the legendary Brian Berry

Key Quotes from my Richard Lee Interview

Topspin Against Backspin

Practicing Alone

Show #279 - Where are all the Defenders?

By Jeff Plumb on the 15-Feb-2017 (1 comments)

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On This Day - 2:20

Fan Zhendong 22/1

Zhang Jike 16/2

Tip of the Week - 4:34

Find one more training session per week.

Drill of the Week - 6:46

Rather than bouncing and then hitting the ball when feeding multiball, try serving each ball to simulate a serve so the person doing the drill can practice returning more match like balls.

Tournament Wrap - 8:40

The Indian Open and the European Top 16

When to take a Timeout - 15:00

Andrew: Is it best to save your time out for later in a match or take it earlier if you are losing?  For example if I am down 0-2 games and say it is tied 8-8 would a time out help me or maybe if I win the game and then the next game so it is 2-2 I would have a time out for the last game of the match.  Of course you cannot predict the future but it sure would be nice to have a timeout for your last game.

Choppers and Penholders - 18:23

Viet: Hi PingSkills, Nowaday, I saw that defenders and penholders are getting fewer and fewer. Most of top players now play shakehand style and attack. So do you think that one day, penholders and defenders will completely disappear in top 100?

Playing weaker players - 22:11

David: I have been introducing family members and friends to the game just casually asking them to join me and go play outside for fun. Maybe it’s a bit odd to ask but how do you guys play games against new players do you let them have the point and fake missing. I just want them to experience how fun table tennis is and playing against someone who is much better might.

Using More Than 1 Ball in a Match - 24:55

Arnab: I was wondering

1. Since when did the rule start that for every serve, a ball will be provided from the umpire's chair so that the players don't have to fetch the old one. 

2. What tournaments have enforced this rule?

Links in this Episode

PingSkills Multiball Course

itTV - Watch live streams of ITTF matches

European Top 16 Tournament

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