Show #280 - Don't Give Up Too Early

By Jeff Plumb on the 22-Feb-2017 (0 comments)

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In today's show we'll talk about practicing without a partner, learning how to topspin, changing fortunes in matches, and the incredible Tomokazu Harimoto. We'll also have the tip of the week and drill of the week.

On This Day - 1:39

Cedrik Cabestany's Birthday - 18 February

Tip of the Week - 3:48

Don't give up too early

Drill of the Week - 8:15

Varying placement with forehand topspin

Tournament Wrap - 12:18

The Indian Open and Tomokazu Harimoto

Practicing Strokes Without a Partner - 18:12

Subhan: Coach, what is the best way to perfect basic strokes as nowadays I'm often without a partner so any way i could practice basic strokes alone?

Difficulty Doing Topspin - 21:34

Baseer: I am a beginner player in table tennis using Butterfly Wakaba 3000, when i play with one my friend having a style of chopper, I can't return his chop by doing topspin stroke. Every time i do topspin the ball hit directly on the net. I can't understand what is the problem, even how hard i try I can't do that. Please give some suggestion.

Topspin Strength - 24:32

Lukas: Every coach says to me that i do not need to play every topspin that strong because that means a lot of easy mistakes. I always try to avoid these easy balls but i think the quality in my slower loops is not that good even when i try to play the ball long and with spin. I got many counter attacks when i have good opponents. What can i do?

Changing Fortunes in Matches - 28:14

Frank: My friends and I play fairly casually and our sessions consist mostly of best of 3 games.

One of us has a strange habit where he plays well while we warm up, stumbles in the first game but is completely in the zone in the second. But by the time the third game comes around, he's shaky again.

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Is It Too Late? - We interview the legendary Brian Berry

Key Quotes from my Richard Lee Interview

Topspin Against Backspin

Practicing Alone

Show #279 - Where are all the Defenders?

By Jeff Plumb on the 15-Feb-2017 (0 comments)

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On This Day - 2:20

Fan Zhendong 22/1

Zhang Jike 16/2

Tip of the Week - 4:34

Find one more training session per week.

Drill of the Week - 6:46

Rather than bouncing and then hitting the ball when feeding multiball, try serving each ball to simulate a serve so the person doing the drill can practice returning more match like balls.

Tournament Wrap - 8:40

The Indian Open and the European Top 16

When to take a Timeout - 15:00

Andrew: Is it best to save your time out for later in a match or take it earlier if you are losing?  For example if I am down 0-2 games and say it is tied 8-8 would a time out help me or maybe if I win the game and then the next game so it is 2-2 I would have a time out for the last game of the match.  Of course you cannot predict the future but it sure would be nice to have a timeout for your last game.

Choppers and Penholders - 18:23

Viet: Hi PingSkills, Nowaday, I saw that defenders and penholders are getting fewer and fewer. Most of top players now play shakehand style and attack. So do you think that one day, penholders and defenders will completely disappear in top 100?

Playing weaker players - 22:11

David: I have been introducing family members and friends to the game just casually asking them to join me and go play outside for fun. Maybe it’s a bit odd to ask but how do you guys play games against new players do you let them have the point and fake missing. I just want them to experience how fun table tennis is and playing against someone who is much better might.

Using More Than 1 Ball in a Match - 24:55

Arnab: I was wondering

1. Since when did the rule start that for every serve, a ball will be provided from the umpire's chair so that the players don't have to fetch the old one. 

2. What tournaments have enforced this rule?

Links in this Episode

PingSkills Multiball Course

itTV - Watch live streams of ITTF matches

European Top 16 Tournament

Trainerbot Update

By Jeff Plumb on the 08-Feb-2017 (0 comments)

We have an update on the Trainerbot, a new table tennis robot that can be controlled with your smartphone. We are going to be working with Alex and Harrison (the creators of the Trainerbot) to provide PingSkills drills that can be used directly by the robot! Below is a message from Alex.

Trainerbot is doing amazing, we’ve been working day and night for the past 6 months perfecting Trainerbot’s hardware and now we are doing the final few lifetime tests before kicking off tooling. In addition, we are super happy to tell you that the Trainerbot you see now is at least 10x better than the Trainerbot you saw on Kickstarter. With our new spin change algorithm, Trainerbot can now do spin change drills, and long short balls drills under a 1 sec interval (this is incredibly hard to do, most robots today can’t do any of this).

Long Short Backspin Spin Drills

Long Short Top Spin Drills

Spin Improvements On Top Spin Backspin Spin Drills

With spin change and long short drills available, you will be able to create incredible content for all your Ping Skills' subscribers, and it will really feel like people are training with you no matter where they are in the world :D

We'll keep you updated as the Trainerbot gets closer to completion and when we have some PingSkills drills available in the Trainerbot app.

Video Analysis

By Jeff Plumb on the 03-Feb-2017 (2 comments)

We're really proud of our instructional videos here at PingSkills. We try to make them practical and easy to follow so you can learn the proper strokes and techniques of table tennis. However sometimes it's beneficial to have someone look at you playing and give some specific advice. And thanks to the marvels of technology we can do this pretty simply these days!

Our premium members can upload a video to YouTube and send us the link. Then we'll watch the video and give you some personalised tips to help you continue improving. So if you're a premium member, grab some footage of you playing so we can help you out. And if you're not, then sign up today.

Here's a quick sample that shows the type of advice you can receive.

PingSkills Table Tennis Video Analysis

Video Analysis Part 2

Video Analysis Part 3

Is It Too Late?

By Jeff Plumb on the 16-Jan-2017 (37 comments)

In the PingSkills Show today, we interview the great Brian Berry, a legend of Australian Table Tennis. Brian started at the age of 17 and ended up winning the over 40 and over 50 Australian singles titles. He also represented Australia at many World Veterans Championships reaching the last 16 in 3 separate age categories.

Tip of the Week - 0:51

Drill of the Week - 3:00

Tournament Wrap - 6:42

Is It Too Late? - Interview with Brian Berry - 13:52


As always, we'd love to hear any comments you have about the show.

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