Technique vs Skill

Technique vs Skill which is the more important?

Well you may say, so what is the difference?

Technique is learning the stroke, making sure the strokes look correct and enable you to put the ball on the table efficiently.

Skill is being able to use the technique at the appropriate time and in the appropriate situation. Making the right decisions. Having perfect technique does not necessarily mean you will be able to use it at the relevant time and for the relevant situation.

Coaching today is made up in large part of making sure technique is correct. In fact technique is sometimes given all the parts in the play. It is like saying, well kid you are not allowed to play this game until you can hit 500 forehands with perfect technique. You can then wave goodbye as that kid heads off into the sunset. Kids want to play the game. They learn several skills while playing the game. They learn when they can play a stroke with greatest effect, how they can change the stroke with speed or spin to make it more effective. It is a vital part of the whole process.

Technique and skill both have parts to play. Let them both have a go and the result will be a better play (ooops I meant player).

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