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Ji-Soo Woo

Ji-Soo Woo

Last updated on 19-Oct-2008 09:35:22 PM

Hi Alois

I've heard/read the benefits of keeping your body relaxed during a stroke instead of tightening your muscles.

I've heard/read that staying loose counter-intuitively allows you to hit with more pace.  That it also allows you to hit with more spin.  That it helps handle incoming spin.

With all these benefits of staying loose during a stroke, is there EVER a time when you want to tense your muscles in table tennis???



Alois Rosario

and Alois Rosario said...

Hi Ji-Soo,

The short answer is no.  Your body operates better when it is relaxed and your muscles fire correctly.  As soon as you tense you are stopping the muscles from working properly.

It also helps your eyesight so you will be able to see the ball more clearly and earlier.  This of course is a very short answer to a large question.

Do yourself a favour and read the book The Inner Game of Tennis.

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