Ask the Coach #19 – Serving & Receiving

Question 1 – 0:35

Many people just turn around and drive my service. Where do I do the service and what should I do? Srikanth Pyaraka

Question 2 – 1:55

When looping it seems easier to wait for the ball to reach the top of the arc and start dropping before you brush it up. I hit well when the ball is rising but swing and miss a lot when I try to brush the ball after it starts dropping. Can I improve? Ken

Question 3 – 5:17

I normally stand on the left side of the table. I face difficulty if short backspin service comes to my forehand. I try to push the service & the opponent attacks with topspin. How to place the ball in such a manner so that I can attack the return? Anushka

Question 4 – 7:35

Most of my serves have sidespin but when the opponent finds an answer to return it, I’m in trouble because all the sidespin is coming back at me especially if it is pushed back. Should I stop serving with sidespin as it can make life more difficult? Thijs

PingSkillers Question of the Day – 9:53

How long have you been playing this game?

Links In This Episode

Serving Secrets

Ask the Coach Show #18 – Advantages of Orthodox Strokes

Question 1 – 0:45

When I play outside of mainstream table tennis instead of using topspins and counterhits, I seem to play better. When I lob and play strange shots in the game I seem to get better results. So what benefits do playing normal, mainstream shots have? Oliver

Question 2 – 3:29

In tennis you hear grunting all the time but I never hear it in table tennis, when playing my offensive forehands I feel the need to make a quiet grunt. Is this allowed in table tennis or would it count as distracting? Luke Styles

Question 3 – 5:36

If our bat touches the table while playing is it a foul? Varun Chaturvedi

Question 4 – 6:35

Hi Alois, Some days all my topspins work. Others they dont work at all. is this normal? Matias Chambers

Question 5 – 7:53

Dear PingSkills, While playing the ball hits my finger hits the rubber and goes to the next court. Is it an foul or is it correct? Bryan George

PingSkillers Question of the Day – 9:20

Has the new plastic ball changed the game of table tennis?

Ask the Coach #17 – How To Play a Slow Spinny Topspin

Discussion – 0:16

Zhang Jike’s fine at the World Cup

Question 1 – 4:00

Is it good for someone to practice Penhold and Shakehand styles? Skyppz

Question 2 – 5:08

What is the best way to hit a slow, spinny topspin forehand with the penhold grip? Tyler

Question 3 – 6:46

Whenever I return a heavy backspin serve it just goes straight to the net. How can I remove this problem? Fleming

Question 4 – 9:09

Hi PingSkills Is it better to pivot when receiving serve or is it better to just use backhand? can you please tell me the reason why?Frendy

PingSkillers Question of the Day – 11:34

Is the Chinese dominance hurting Table Tennis?

Links In This Episode

Slow Spinny Topspin

Zhang Jike Kicking the Barriers

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